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A Debate for the Ages

Updated: May 5, 2019

As I begin to wrap up 2018, I'm so glad that I get to finish out the year with one more project.

Otherworld Theatre-- a company that is quickly beginning to feel like my second home in Chicago-- is hosting a debate. It will be part of their new series Cinemasmackdown, in which two experts debate a particular nuance of a fantasy/sci-fi movie.

I have been lucky enough to be chosen to debate Otherworld Theatre's first ever Cinemasmackdown! I will be debating friend and colleague (and director of Cursed: An American Tragedy) Lauren Nichole Fields. We will be fighting to decide whether the Tim Burton masterpiece The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Christmas or Halloween movie. Naturally, I was chosen to debate for Halloween and am being dubbed the Champion of Halloween! I haven't debated since college, so I'm eager to come out of retirement for one night only to have a fun, rousing debate with a friend.

The show performs tomorrow at Otherworld Theatre at 7:30. Tickets are a suggested donation of $5.

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